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Whilst at work make sure that you are taking proper breaks, and have lunch away from your desk

Case Study

Eric works in a small business with 30 staff and he is under a lot of pressure to deliver sales. He is not sleeping and has a lot of headaches which makes him feel tired and short-tempered. He has spoken to his boss, John on several occasions about how he is feeling and that he cannot cope with all the work. His boss just tells him to get on with it with a short laugh. Eric is getting no support and he is wondering what he should do next as he feels that he is at the end of his tether.

The answers to all the above were no.  

What happened next was that John contacted our sister company YSM Solutions and asked what he should do next? John was given advice on how to complete the HSE compliant Stress Policy and he booked on a Stress Risk Assessment course so that he would be able to carry out a Stress Risk Assessment and new that he could ask for additional support if required from YSM. He also booked Stress Awareness and Wellbeing courses delivered on site which were all well received by the staff with a positive message that he was being proactive about stress and the problems that can arise at work.   



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