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This is a complete accredited training package by a stress management professional. It is designed so that effective training can be delivered  to a group of carers or for professionals working with carers.  The course which has been designed by a healthcare and stress management professional is the only one of its kind.  You will be able to deliver this course to participants who will benefit from the increase in knowledge and learning the impact of stress on their bodies and how to effectively prevent it.

All the course materials are in word and powerpoint documents so that they  can be personalised to an individual organisation (or leave it as it is which is entirely up to you). Documents can be printed and given out to delegates at training courses.

The package is for single user only and consists of:

and more plus updates                             

The training package is emailed to you as a zipped up file which you can download to your own computer once you have been trained.

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Suitable for managers, teams leaders, charities, care homes, care providers, trainers, HR

Stress Management Tools and Techniques for Carers and for Young Carers now  - Train the Trainer. This full day course can be run anywhere in the UK,  please get in touch to book a place as numbers are limited here.