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We spend lots and lots of time on these activities such as social media, our computer (hours pass and we hardly notice it!!), social media sites, texting and so on.

So now is the time to prioritise. It is difficult to have a good work/life  balance when we try to do too much at one time. You may be trying to be a good mother, father, brother, sister and to ensure that you are healthy both at work and at home, then it is good to prioritise.

      A great way not to get stressed is to set priorities or goals. The easiest way is to decide what is essential to do and what can actually wait for another day or week. Have a plan of what you want to do, where you would like to be and how to get there. Here are some goals which could be:

Goals can be over a month or three months - you decide and make sure you can achieve them in the timeframe. Enjoy working towards your goal and then when you achieve it, be pleased with yourself.

Tips to start as soon as you can

Below are a few tips which should help to start you off to a stress relief way.

1. Accept that you are feeling stressed - this is a big thing for a lot of people as they do not want to admit to themselves and to others that they are stressed. Once you do, it is amazing how liberated you feel and then you know that you can move on from there and look at ways to improve your life be it at work and/or home.

2. Take breaks away from the computer, workplace - so often I hear people say that they have no time for lunch as they have deadlines and they work much better eating their lunch at their desk. Well research shows that even a few minutes away from your workspace not only helps the blood circulating around your body and to the brain, but helps the muscles and in turn releases endorphins which give you the ‘feel good feeling’.

3. Chat to friends or relatives for support - talking to someone is a great stress reliever and

4. Drink plenty of water about 8 glasses a day

5. Relax for a short time each day, even for 5 minutes – put your feet up and have a cup of tea

6. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables – remember 5 a day

7. Keep a goal setting plan – start with a month, three months and then for a year

8. Have some ‘me time’ each week

9. Smile and it makes you feel better and others around you – have a photo or a screensaver

10. Stay positive and turn negatives into positives

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