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Stress Diary download free - complete details on right and it then it can be downloaded. It will help to Identify dates and times over each week to see if there is a pattern when you are feeling under pressure which is causing signs and symptoms of stress.

“I did not realise that all my stress was at work and there was nothing at home. It has been a real eye opener for me” Jim

Stress Management for Carers

Stress Management for Carers has been written specifically for carers to learn how to manage their own stress whether as a full-time or part-time carer. A great resource and self-help book for any carer who is feeling under stress or is anxious. There are lots of very useful tips and activities to try. It can be read right through or picked up and used to help and support when needed.

It is designed to help to manage stress as a carer and is also a very useful resource to identify and manage stress in everyday life as well. It will help with some practical information about stress, its causes, managing stress, and how to recognise signs of stress in yourself and in others.

It can be read right through or picked up and used to help and support when needed. It is easy-to-use, and organised in a format to help when under pressure, stressed or anxious and offers information on how to reduce stress, managing your stress, immune boosters, relaxation, learn new techniques and skills, also communication and organising skills. Also useful for non-carers.

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