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An effective way in handling stress is doing some physical exercise. This can be by working all parts of your body regularly or some parts of your body which can be effective in managing stress; make it as a part of your daily routine. When we exert ourselves physically, our body releases a chemical substance called endorphins, which gives us a ‘feel-good’ effect’. Endorphins are produced naturally by our own bodies, therefore they have no side-effects.

You do not have to go to the gym every single day but try and do something that you can enjoy and is sustainable. Walking can be excellent for you just to go and post a letter and leave the car at home - it helps you de-stress and also helps to clear your head and think a bit more clearly. Try walking in a park or on the hills which help you to relax more as the natural surroundings help to relax.

Yoga is an activity that involves your body, mind and spirit and can help to eliminate your stress away. Yoga helps to improve your strength and flexibility, including deep breathing techniques that improve respiratory function, making you more at ease. It can also help to interact with other people while doing stress-free activities also facilitates additional stress relief.

When you do deep breathing exercises, they help improve respiration, and also helps in a better flow of oxygen to most of the vital parts of our body, especially the our brain. Oxygen serves as fuel for the brain, with helps to keep a healthy and clear mind that will keep you focused.

Try and do some exercise regularly, and it will help reduce your everyday stress levels and will ensure more peace within you. It also help to keep calm and when under stress go for a walk.

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