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We spend lots and lots of time on these activities such as social media,

our computer (hours pass and we hardly notice it!!), social media sites, texting and so on.

So now is the time to elimate stress

Stress Balls

Smiley foam ball

You can purchase from 1 ball.  Ask for special prices if you are a charity or public sector.....

Free Stress Diary download

Are you under stress?

When under stress, especially at work, it is best to accept that you are feeling stressed and to be open about how you feel. If you do accept that you are under stress, then it is necessary to find out what is causing the stress and methods how to manage and be able to cope with it.

Anxiety and Sense of smell

One of our senses is smell and it can instinctively cause us to be happy or in fear and this could be the smell of flowers which can make you feel happy and content or if you smell fire could mean that you need to run for your life depending on the situation.  For symptoms such as anxiety

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Free tool for managers to assess and improve their management skills

Do you worry?  Download a worry list here

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