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Attending a meeting

As a carer, caregiver there are many demands and pressures and these can be such as organising appropriate care which can take a lot of time and energy and on occasion find that not a lot, if anything, is happening. Attending a meeting about the caring role can be a very stressful situation and it is important to be well-prepared for it so that you can be focused when the meeting takes place.

This will result in the meeting going well, you feeling more positive about yourself, more

confident and being able to cope when the next meeting takes place.


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Remember - Take care of yourself

Our bodies know how to react when we are under stress and pressure, and they also know how to rest and replenish themselves. We need to learn to listen to our bodies and to give our bodies what they need. Sometimes caring for others is an exhausting and time consuming job. It is more than we had ever anticipated. Learn to ask for help. Whether you are a carer or you receive care, it is vital that you care and love yourself and realise how important you are and what you do. When you accept yourself exactly as you are and how you react, it is as though it is something new for you. Amazingly, you then can realise that it is up to you to relax and know that it is you who will make changes happen.

When it is difficult to deal with situations and be proactive

When there is a difficult situation to deal with, such as a relative who is not helping with your caring role, this can lead to a lot of anger and resentment. When this situation arises, it is best to choose your moment to discuss in detail, especially if it is a brother or siter, for example.

The best method is if they live closeby, then work out a plan that you take it in turns to visit and care for your loved one. This could be alternative days or alternative weeks and it is good to emphasise that you need a break just to keep your energy levels up and to try and keep fit and healthy.

They will possibly agree with your plan, but the main issue is that they are able to sustain it. Each time they do visit, emphasise how important it is to you and to your health and that it gives you some respite to help ‘recharge your batteries’. You may require a bit of negotiation but it is better to persevere so that you can get an outcome suitable for yourself.

The time that you will have for yoruself is to relax and enjoy the time to it’s best effect even if it is putting your feet up and reading a book.

As a carer, you are so often thinking of others first, and do not feel guilty about having a pleasant time. Relax and enjoy those few precious hours - even if it is taking the dog for a walk. If you don’t have a walk, there are opportunities to take a dog for a walk as this can be a really calming experience. Even patting a nice dog can help to relax - try and see.


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