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Sense of smell

One of our senses is smell and it can instinctively cause us to be happy or in fear and this could be the smell of flowers which can make you feel happy and content or if you smell fire could mean that you need to run for your life depending on the situation.

For symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia and aggression, there are some essential oils which are ideal to help to relax and these are camomile, lavender, vanilla, rose and neroli essential oils

A few drops can be used in your bath or a few drops can be added to a tea light candle before you light it.  Depending on how strong you like it will depend on how much to use, however, start with a couple of drops.

A favourite essential oil is lavender, and is possibly the best one for relaxation. It does help you to relax, and at the same time, it also eases aches and pains, such as headaches.  You can sprinkle four drops on a tissue and inhale deeply for sudden stress, or add a few drops to 50mls of distilled water and this can be put in a 50ml spray bottle which can be purchased from pharmacies.  The spray lasts ages and is always lovely and fresh.  You could keep one in the hall which is handy especially when you are expecting visitors or you just want a fresh and uplifting fragrance.

Sandalwood and nutmeg can also help to relieve some of the effects of stress, but they require to be used along with other techniques.

Patchouli oil helps eliminate anxiety and can lift your mood, and some say that it is also an aphrodisiac.


Extract is from Stress Management for Carers book

which is also suitable for non-carers. Try it and see

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