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Had a bad day at work?

Children been a pain?

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Give yourself a treat - just a small glass of wine - it won’t harm me?

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Goal Setting is motivating Alcohol - does it cure stress? Stress Symptoms

Goal setting

Goals help us be more motivated and help us focus on what is important to achieve. They can have a positive effect on our performance helping us to be more confident and raise our self-esteem.

Stress Symptoms

Stress symptoms fall into four main categories - physical (body), psychological (mind), emotional and behaviour. Try the stress test here

Alcohol Awareness

Recent research from Drinkaware found that three in five (62%) in Britain use alcohol to relax and unwind in the evenings, and that 44% are more likely to drink alcohol after a stressful day.  

At work de-stress

De-stress at Work

With stress being a big problem at work, here are 10 tips to help you to De-stress at work.

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