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Goal Setting is motivating Alcohol - does it cure stress? Stress Symptoms

Goal setting

Goals help us be more motivated and help us focus on what is important to achieve. They can have a positive effect on our performance helping us to be more confident and raise our self-esteem.

Stress Symptoms

Stress symptoms fall into four main categories - physical (body), psychological (mind), emotional and behaviour.

Alcohol Awareness

Recent research from Drinkaware found that three in five (62%) in Britain use alcohol to relax and unwind in the evenings, and that 44% are more likely to drink alcohol after a stressful day.  

At work de-stress

De-stress at Work

With stress being a big problem at work, here are 10 tips to help you to De-stress at work.

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Keeping fit reduces stress

An effective way in handling stress is doing some physical exercise. This can be by working all parts of your body regularly or some parts of your body which can be effective in managing stress; make it as a part of your daily routine.

Are you under stress?

When under stress, especially at work, it is best to accept that you are feeling stressed and to be open about how you feel. If you do accept that you are under stress, then it is necessary to find out what is causing the stress and methods how to manage and be able to cope with it.

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